2018 Jewish Heritage Journeys

  • Jewish Tours to France, 9 days/8 nights

  • Paris – Versailles – Giverny – Provence – Avignon – Carpentras – Cavaillon – Luberon – Arles – Montpellier

    No trip to Europe is complete without a visit to France. For Jewish travelers, there is an extra layer to the splendor of this country – a legacy that can be felt both in its capital, Paris, and in the magnificent, lavender-scented countryside of Provence. Jews have lived in France since Roman times, and are a vital part of its soul. In fact, France boasts the largest Jewish community in Western Europe, blending Ashkenazic elements from Europe and Sephardic elements from North Africa. Come along with our hand-picked expert, and become a connoisseur (and a maven) of Jewish France.

  • Jewish Tour to the Czech Republic: Czech it out! 9 days / 8 nights

  • The Czech Republic has been imbued with a vivid Jewish presence for hundreds of years. Many towns had large Jewish populations, and a great many Czech Jews have made substantial cultural contributions, both religious and secular. This tour is solely devoted to this rich legacy, as well as to the communities that still thrive. From fine crystal to Franz Kafka, from kosher vineyards to the venerable Rabbi Loew (associated with the legendary Golem of Prague), you will sense the mystique of this part of the world.

  • Shanghai’s Jewish History, 12 days/11 nights

  • Beijing, Xi’an, Yangshuo, Shanghai – China

    Open yourself to an experience you thought you could only dream about. And while China is changing quicker than time, you can still visit a world that is mysterious and simple. While traveling in a leisurely pace, admire glorious, truly Chinese sights such as the legendary Terra Cotta figures, the Great Wall and the picturesque region of Yangshuo. Touch the Jewish Heritage in Shanghai and be inspired by the city’s colonial European past, as well as the arrival and contributions of Jews who made Shanghai, their home.

  • Jewish Heritage in the Baltics, 9 days/8 nights

  • Journey to the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

    Join us as we follow the history of the Jewish people visiting historical memorials that were left behind. This tour enables us to experience the impact of Jewish life throughout the centuries in the Baltics.