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Hi Janice,
On behalf of our tour group, I would like to thank you for your excellent assistance in making our recent group tour of Israel a success. Our travel guide, Rachel, was superb  —a friendly, walking treasure trove of knowledge about the history and land of Israel.  We admired the skill of our tour bus driver, Summer, as he conveyed us safely across desert and through very narrow city streets.  And with Rachel, worked to fine tune travel plans to make the most efficient use of our time.  And the choice of hotels were satisfactory to idyllic. Janice, your close working relationships with people in the tourism industry in Israel made all the difference in the making of a most memorable experience for all of us!

John H.

Hi Janice
We just returned from Israel. This was our first trip to Israel, but not our last! We would like to thank you for your dedication in helping 1st time travellers. We were treated like royalty. Our 2nd honeymoon was a great success thanks to you. Each hotel had a bottle of champagne, fruit and chocolates.
The food was great.

Joe & Sheila Lefkowitz

Dear Janice,
On behalf of our travel group, I would like to thank you and the team of Aufgang Travel for the services you provided for our trip to Israel this past summer.  Your insights and expertise were greatly appreciated.  From the warm and relaxing waters of the Tel Aviv beach, to the historic sights of Caesarea and Akko, to our private Druze Village cooking lesson, horseback riding in the north and the natural wonders of Mitzpe Ramon (and the very posh Hotel Beresheet), to the magnificence and awe inspiring city of Jerusalem – each moment was special and deeply meaningful.

Thank you for working so collaboratively with us to create this truly unique adventure that will be remembered and cherished always.

Ruth-Ellen Cohen

Hi Janice,
Our recent trip to Israel was flawlessly organized by Janice Snider and was perfect in every way. Linda and I would recommend Janice and aufgang travel. For the expertise, dedication and excellent service we received 100 percent of the time.

Allan Finkleman

Dear Idit
We returned safe and sound and had a great trip (both my business and Rs holiday).
a few observations:
The flights were good – no complaints…
The hotel in Tel Aviv was fabulous and we’d return in a heartbeat.
As for the spa; well it’s more like the Catskills. The food was fabulous, the rooms were great, the scenery spectacular, and the spa was really good.
No complaints whatsoever – except that it’s impossible to lose any weight there or anywhere else in Israel.

Best wishes

Hi Idit,
The trip was amazing!!!! Thanks again for all your help in organizing.

Everything went very smoothly and the hotels were all excellent. We especially loved the Alexander in Tel Aviv and Kfar Blum– both outstanding. The Dan’s were good as well and my son loved the one in Eilat. All the attractions booked were great and the kids, as us, enjoyed every one of them. The most popular attraction for my younger son was the Archeological Dig which he adored (we all loved it as well), and the most popular for my husband was the Sunset Jeep Tour in Eilat (which we all also loved). Both of these sites were Aufgang’s recommendations so I thank you so very much for that.

There wasn’t really any attraction which we did not enjoy. Everything had something special to offer.
The trip was very busy and at times a little tiring for the kids but not too bad, and I wouldn’t have cut anything out as there was so much to see and do. Airplane transportation with El Al was great. Smooth and no problems, including the flight from Eilat to Ben Gurion which worked out really well for us.
Really only a few very minor glitches on an otherwise spectacular trip for all of us. Thanks again for your time and expert advice in helping us to organize. If you have any other specific questions, please feel free to let me know.


Hi Idit,

The trip was wonderful.  We saw and did so much.  The Maxim hotel was just perfect.  It’s small and cozy – you get to know all of the staff and it’s just a great feeling.  Right across the street was the beach (so close)  and the promenade.  breakfast was very good and the coffee machine and cookies were available allo day.  We would hightly recommend this hotel…

Petra was a wonderful experience.  We would do it again.  I went on a camel (what fun that was)    The guides were great and very knowledgeable.  We would suggest going on a private tour there to be the best way to go.  We would also suggest to tell people to bring some form of money with them because on the way there we were taken to a great store.  Apparently its run by the Queen of Jordan for helping the underprivileged women there.  The prices are good and you can bargain and the variety is great. I got most of my t-shirts there because they were so lovely.  A good shopping experience . The hotel that we originally booked (Panorama)  was overbooked and they sent us to the Hilton Queen of Sheba.  We really got lucky on that one.  What a gorgeous hotel.

The Bar Mitzvah tour was wonderful – the guide was superb.  It was the perfect trip.  Having the Bar on top of Masada was such a great choice.

We would recommend you anytime to anyone who asks.  Your price was the best and you were very helpful.

Thanks again,     Dorothy and Lilly.

Hi Barbara

Mike and I want to thank you for a fantastic trip.   We had free time to explore the cities – Barcelona, Seville and Madrid, time to relax in Roses and Torrmolinos while still providing us opportunity to see what was important for us in Granada and Cordoba.  All the hotels and breakfasts were wonderful.  We would go back to all the places we stayed.  We appreciated our driver, Antonio.  His knowledge and willingness to share the history of Spain with us was so interesting; they are history lessons we will always remember.

The train travel you arranged for us was perfect.  It was so easy and comfortable.  The trip was a balance between sightseeing and exploring on our own which was exactly what we were looking for.  Thank you so much for listening to our requests and delivering a wonderful trip that we will always remember.

Pearl & Mike