About Our Tours

Sample Itineraries of our tours

The sample themed itineraries found on our website have been suggested to highlight a certain tourist destination and experience. To be used for planning purposes, we hope these itineraries will assist our travellers in designing their journeys to a specific destination. These itineraries are meant to provide our travellers with insights into the attractions that each destination has to offer, and to assist them with selecting the activities and sites that hold meaning or interest for them.


Aufgang Travel has established a stellar reputation for dedicated service to Israel using travel partners that are diligent in providing the best standard of service, and guides who are skilled, knowledgeable and flexible.  We extend a personal welcome to have you join us on one of our tours and experience Israel the Aufgang Travel way.

Tours to the Holy Land

As one of the most experienced Canadian travel agencies handling religious tours, we provide unparalleled service transforming your pilgrimage to the Holy Land into a life-changing experience. Aufgang Travel has specialized in groups both large and small, offering carefully prepared tours for multi-faith groups and individuals.

Jewish Heritage Tours & Cruises

As North American Jews, we all came from somewhere. Our parents or grandparents braved the difficult transition from one familiar world to a strange new world. Although many of the Jewish communities of Europe are gone, they are not forgotten. To travel to the town or village of your origin is rarely part of a group tour, so the best way to see the places that interest you is to have an itinerary custom-made. Many of our tours visit old villages and “Shtetels” that were once thriving Jewish communities.