Jewish Tours to Israel

All tours can be customized

  • 12 Days Bar Bat Mitzvah Tour

  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah Tour to Israel, 12 days, is designed as a family tour which gives a great opportunity for members to celebrate a bar and bat mitzvah while discovering Israel. Learn about your heritage, re-connect with one another and create lasting memories.

  • Jewish Heritage Tour to Israel with Eilat, 14 nights

  • The most comprehensive Jewish Heritage Tour to Israel with Eilat embraces all famous wonders of the land and invites to get know the highlights of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, natural phenomenons of the Dead Sea, Mitzpe Ramon and Timna, man-made miracles of the Red Sea Underwater Observatory, and of course, the rich Jewish legacy including archaeological and historical sites throughout the country.

  • Combined Jewish Tour, 7 days / 6 nights

  • This 6 night Combined Jewish tour starts off in Tel Aviv and takes you on a journey through time visiting some of the top sights in Israel. You will be moved by special visits to the Kotel and Yad Vashem. Walk back in history as you discover the ruins of the Crusader Town of Caesarea and Beit She’an.

    Hold your breath on the exhilarating cable car ride up Masada and explore the amazing fortress that King Herod built.  This itinerary is recommended for wheelchair and scooter users, slow walkers, visually and hearing impaired travelers.