Culinary tours: how to stay healthy

Culinary tours: how to stay healthy

A gastronomic or culinary tour is a trip devoted to local cuisines. It is for those tourists who want to know another country not only from its culture but more from its national foods. Typically, a tour includes tasting traditional dishes at various farms, confectioneries, and factories. You might also try to prepare meals yourself under the supervision of chefs.

“Italy is first on the list in food tourism”

Italy is first on the list in food tourism among European countries; at last you can taste real risotto and pizza. In addition, more than half of all food tours to this country are wine tours. In Italy, each province offers its own wine.

Culinary Tour

One of the most exciting trips, for example, is Tuscany by railway. On that, you can try different varieties of wine and admire the Valdorcia Valley during a leisurely journey by train, in which there is a restaurant with an enoteca – a repository of wines.

The second country is France, and in third place is Switzerland – the country of cheese. The selection is huge – more than four hundred varieties. In Appenzell, for example, you can taste Appenzell cheese, which has a 700-year history. Next comes Spain: it gets about 12% of tourist flow. Here, besides Catalan cuisine, you can visit the legendary Boqueria market in Barcelona, which has been operating since 1217.

“In Asia, the leader is Thailand”

In Asia, the leader is Thailand, of course: interest in the local cuisine comes along with interest in the country. If you decide to take a gastronomic tour of India, you are unlikely to be met by comfort.

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There are unique tours that are recognized as the best in the world. For example, in the Republic of South Africa, there is a tour where you go right into an African tribe. There you will watch how locals roast crocodile, zebra, giraffe or antelope meat over a fire, and then you’ll eat it with corn porridge. Isn’t that exciting?

On Japanese food tours, you go to a local market and choose products yourself; an experienced guide will help you with it. And then you watch how a chef prepares some traditional dishes right before your eyes. For hardcore foodies, there is an opportunity to try fugu – the fish that contains a deadly poison.

“Which tour is less harmful to your health?”

Going on a gastronomic tour, you have a high risk of getting gastritis, and sharply increasing your cholesterol and sugar. Who would refuse to sample all the tempting dishes, not to mention tasting local alcohol?

Culinary Tour

To ensure that you get a lot of positive emotions from the journey, instead of health problems, you just need to follow some rules. First, think about where you are going and what kind of cuisine you are going to taste. The most healthful is Asian, especially Japanese. Its essential components are fish, vegetables, and seaweed. It is a really useful combination for the cardiovascular and endocrinal systems. This food has a lot of complex carbohydrates and protein – all these components support metabolic processes in a normal way and do not clog the circulatory system.

“Sausages and meat are serious threats to the heart”

Italian cuisine is excellent; this typical Mediterranean food is rightly called beneficial by experts of the World Health Organization. Like the Japanese, it is based on vegetables and seafood.

You should be careful with German cuisine. Everyone knows that Germans adore sausages and meat, and these are serious threats to the heart.

In general, be careful with unfamiliar dishes – you can get food poisoning or digestive troubles. A spoiled vacation is not the worst thing in this situation.

“Don’t forget to eat moderately”

Wherever you go, first of all, be cautious when tasting the national cuisine, and, of course, don’t forget to eat moderately. It will help you to have an exciting vacation and good health