Israel Winter Events 2017-2018

Israel Winter Events 2017-2018

The end of 2017 promises to be exciting! Here are the most interesting Israel events in December and January.

Rock Opera – Juno and Avos, 19 December

“Juno and Avos” is the most famous rock opera in the world.

Two sailing ships “Yunona” and “Avos” arrive in California under the Russian flag. The captain of the “Avos” brig, Russian Count Nikolai Rezanov, fell in love with the young Spanish girl, Conchita Arguello. But shortly after, Rezanov had to return to Russia, and the two loving hearts were separated.

For several years Rezanov waited for permission to marry Maria, who was a Catholic. He died near Krasnoyarsk without achieving it.

Conchita waited for him for 35 years until she found out about his death. She took a vow of silence and retired to a monastery.

International Dance Competition, December 9 and 10, Ashdod

Ashdod again affirms its title as the Israeli capital of sports dance. On December 9 and 10 the town will host the 16th International Sports Dancing Competition.

The open championship will include a program of European and Latin American dances. Approximately 500 dancers from 30 countries will participate. Sport dancing is both sport and art, a unique world that combines grace and beauty with strength and agility.

Nino Katamadze Concert

Friday, December 22, 2017, Ramat Gan

Nino Katamadze is a Georgian jazz scene star. Each concert of this singer is always a full house.

Nino first became popular in Georgia, then in Russia, and by 2002 her name was well known in Europe. For now, the Georgian jazz star has released six full-length records, two of which have been reissued. Although the work of Nino is tied to one genre, it is not quite right. In her songs, you can hear not only jazz but also folk and world music, as well as psychedelic rock.

Only one concert will take place on December 22, 2017. If you like musical improvisation and beautiful vocal parts, you definitely should visit it.

New Year’s Eve Ball 2018

December 31, 2017 – January 01, 2018, Tel Aviv

Profi Entertainment Company is a front-runner in holding annual New Year’s balls in Israel. The organizers don’t disclose details of the event until the last moment. But one thing is for sure – you will enjoy refined cuisine, a magical atmosphere, and surprises.

The celebration will bring together the best representatives of society – diplomats and business elites, celebrities, and outstanding cultural figures.

Songs 4 Friends, December 30, 2017, Netanya

Four opera singers from Germany and Israel will give a unique gala concert, which includes masterpieces of world classics, songs from popular movies (The Godfather, West Side Story, etc.), songs in Yiddish, and much more. You will hear your favorite songs in a magnificent classical performance.