Main Reasons Why We Love Israel

  1.       It’s beautiful!
    Israel is an amazing country, and tourists love it for its wonderful views, fabulous sea coast, secluded beaches, white sparkling sand and unbelievable atmosphere!

  2.     Some of the most interesting markets in the world are located in Israel. You can buy souvenirs, well-made Israeli clothes, the best local food and snacks, and many other things. Markets in Israel are authentic and special. You can even witness live performances of local bands, artists and entertainers.

  3.       Israel has beguiling and beautiful deserts – though they are popular among tourists, so don’t be surprised if the area is overcrowded.
  4.       Israel has incredible landscapes and views, including more rainbows than any other country. The country’s friendly atmosphere is very pleasant and highly attractive for the numerous tourists that come here throughout the year.

  5.       Israel has an excellent education system, including some of the top universities in the world.
  6.       There are a lot of beautiful synagogues in Israel, many of which are unlike anywhere else in the world.

  7.       People in Israel are crazy about dogs. Tel Aviv has one of the highest numbers of dogs per capita—1 for every 17 residents.
  8.       Because the Israeli Dead Sea is the lowest in the world, it also has great healing effects, which is one reason for the high volume of medical tourism.

  9.       Israeli architecture is incredible! There are a lot of areas and streets in Israel where you can plunge into the past and feel the power of ancient history.
  10.   There are rivers in Israel where giant turtles live! Don’t forget to visit the turtle bridge over the Alexander River.

  11.   Israel is cheerful, friendly, beautiful and very special! We love it the way it is, and suggest that tourists visit the Holy Land – especially in the spring and summer seasons, the most festive and amazing for a trip!