Tipping in Israel: Common Rules

Tipping in Israel: Common Rules

As in the most Westernized countries, tipping in Israel is not obligatory, but it is expected. Despite of the fact that many parts of it remain traditional and religious, Israel has very modern vision and up-to-date etiquette. When you come to a restaurant, bar or café, you see that the majority of waiters and bartenders are students, who are not highly paid. The most of the tourists leave a tip generously. For the locals 10% is usually the minimum, with 12% an average tip.

Tipping in Israel

Only where warranted of course, a generous tip is always appreciated. Taxi drivers do not expect to be tipped (or at least – they are not surprised by non-tippers. Locals do not tip in taxis). A regular tip for a waiter in Israel is 10-15% depending on how good the service was and how much you ordered. In a bar, you should usually leave a tip of a few shekels, of course depending on what you are ordering. Sometimes (and in some ‘tourist-trap’ restaurants) service is automatically added to the bill, so be sure to keep an eye open for this.

Tipping in Israel. Italian Bill in a Restaurant.

However, it is not common to tip hotel staff. Also, surprisingly for many foreigners, it is not standard to tip taxi drivers because in the most cases they will return change to you without even asking. In case if you take a city tour, it is not common to tip your tour guide. Note, that tipping other services in Israel, such as porters or delivery drivers is expected, but how much to tip is less up to you.

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