Okopowa Jewish Cemetery. Warsaw

Okopowa Jewish Cemetery. Warsaw

Okopowa Jewish Cemetery is one of the most famous cemeteries in the World.

It is located on Okopowa street in Warsaw and occupies about 33 hectares of land.
Many beautiful and richly ornamented gravestones displaying lions, deer, plant life and trees can be seen. Several eminent politicians are buried at this cemetery. It was founded in 1806 and at present time has over 230,000 graves on its territory and thousands of sufferers of the Warsaw Ghetto. The cemetery was shut down in the period of World War II, but resumed its work afterward.

The territory of Cemetery has separate areas for man and women, detached from each other.

To make an exact number of gravestones the first post-WWII Cemetery Director, Pinkus Szenicer, had to focus on that concernment. But there was so much work that this pursuit of an activity was subsequently taken over by his son Bolesław. Before his retirement, Szenicer managed to recorder over 50,000 gravestones.

After years of being left behind since the 1930s, the Cemetery initiated to be restored in the 1990s. The Cemetery is now open, with the graves of many well-known characters: Meir Balaban, Edward Flatau, Ber Sonnenberg, Szymon An-ski, Icchak Lejb Perec , Samuel Goldflam and many others.

One of the biggest cemeteries in Europe and in the world, Okopowa Jewish Cemetery is a must-see place as part of “In the Footsteps of Polish Jews” Tour. Visit Warsaw to explore the history of Jewish immigration to Poland, being a hiding place for almost 80% of the world Jewry sought refuge from persecution from the 16th century when the immigration of Jews in Poland has started.

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