Slow Tourism in the Valley of Springs, Israel

The Valley of Springs is a perfect destination to experience slow tourism.  The Valley is bordered by the Jezreel Valley to the west, the Lower Galilee to the north, the Jordan River to the east, and the Jordan Valley to the south. It is an incredible natural site that holds many of Israel’s gems, with more than 40 natural landscapes, birdwatching spots, heritage locations, lovely bridges, and beautiful wildlife.

Slow Tourism in the Valley of Springs, Israel

Slow tourism gives an opportunity for visitors to deepen their knowledge about the specific location and prolong their stay in one place. This type of interaction with the area is perfect for those who are looking for a slower-paced and laid-back experience of exploring an area and getting a fuller understanding of where you are.
In the Valley of Springs tourists can study the history, nature and agriculture of the region, slowly digging deeper into the atmosphere of the area. It’s also possible to meet and explore the life of local residents and learn about their everyday activities, occupations and crafts.

The Valley of Springs trail  is 120 km long

Tourists are invited to explore not only the Valley itself, but also the Valley of Springs trail, which is 120 km long, located near the ancient city of Beit Shean, set in beautiful mountainous landscape. The trail takes its route from the top of Mount Gilboa, with a beautiful panorama of the suburbs of Amman, to the top of Mount Hermon, north to the Golan Heights.

Slow Tourism in the Valley of Springs, Israel
Photo courtesy of Valley of Springs Regional Council

It also takes you past the Harod stream and Belvoir fortress, and you’ll get a fascinating view 400 meters above the Jordan valley. The route continues along the border of Israel and Jordan, and past the Ottoman railway to complete its round trip back to the starting point of the trail at Beit Shean. Along the hiking tour you will fully get to experience the region in-depth, including its history and cultural heritage, the everyday life of people along the route and the beauty of the nature in this area.

Tourists also have the opportunity to visit the Park of Springs, which includes Ein Shokek, Ein Moda and the Hakibbutzim River. This gorgeous verdant park is free of charge for all tourists and open 24/7. Tourists are advised to take environmentally friendly vehicles to move around and explore the park.

Here you can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of the park, unbelievable landscapes and archaeological sites, located just opposite Mount Gilboa.