South African Jewish Museum

South African Jewish Museum

The South African Jewish Museum is a comprehensive database of records and information concerning Jewish immigration to South Africa. Situated in one of the most interesting and historic urban square miles in the country, Jewish Museum is a true miracle of modern architecture.

Its glossy interiors have different interactive displays, uncommon audio-visual presentations, and absorbing artifacts.

Enjoy journey back to South African Jewry’s early roots, and painting a portrait of a community who had a great influence in the building of South Africa as we know it, and who continue to thrive and impact society at every level.

The museum was founded by the SA Jewry from Eastern Europe and traces the cultural history of Jews, Jewish life and Judaism in general.
An exciting combination of the old and new, the historic and the modern, the religious and the worldly, the South African Jewish Museum is a tribute to a community who have been and still is the epicenter of South Africa’s economic, political and cultural narrative.

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