Table Mountain. Cape Town. South Africa.

Table Mountain is the country’s most photographed sight and the most visited attraction in South Africa. Its famous cable car took millions of people to its top.

Travelers all around the World come here to take a breathtaking photo of Cape Town. You can find here the Cape Floral region of the national park, which is one of the richest in the world. One of the main features of Table Mountain is the level plateau of 3 kilometers. The height of the mountain is 1085 m above the sea level.
With the 2,200 species of plants founded in 1913, the garden holds an area of 1300 acres including a unique greenhouse with plants from different parts of the World. It was named a Table Mountain because it reminds a table with its shape, but it is similar both to a chest, and to a piano, and to a wall.

Beautiful view of Table Mountain in Cape Town from Signal Hill
Beautiful view of Table Mountain in Cape Town from Signal Hill

This mountain can remind you everything but not a traditional mountain form. Its sides are smooth. However, if you look at it through the telescope you will notice its big ledges, roughnesses, and deepenings.
If you visit South Africa, you should take a look at the Table Mountain to enjoy fantastic views and learn plenty of interesting facts.

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