Tips for Women Travelers in Israel

Israel is a popular tourist destination. Every year it attracts numerous visitors from all over the World. It has become cosmopolitan and tourist friendly long ago. But travelers, especially women, should still be aware of the surroundings due to the difference between religious and secular lifestyles. In the city center of Jerusalem, women can feel safe and very comfortable.

Regarding typical crime, Israel is a very safe country. While single women should still take care late at night, one can feel quite convenient to walk alone in the city centers in the evenings; many local women are doing the same. Mugging and drunken violence are not common in Israel. Moreover, the chance of danger in Israel is lower than anywhere in Europe.

Here, when there are groups of tourists arrive every day, women can feel free of judgment. But you should remember that when you find yourself in more religious parts of town, you can notice a significant change in the way the women look and dress.
Here, in the religious areas of the city tourists don’t appear very often. And, due to the tradition, women are not viewed or treated the same as men. Here you can feel a significant gender separation. Religious outfit for women requires wearing long sleeves and skirts, and head covering. If you travel to Israel and you plan a visit to its most religious parts, be aware of the clothes you must wear here. The men would turn away from women, or shield their eyes if they notice that a woman looks inappropriate.

Remember, that religious women in Israel dress modestly. Most of them usually start their families at a young age.
In the city of Jerusalem, the strong restrictions applied not only on the appearance of women, but also on where they can go. For example, at the Kotel there are separate sections for men and women. In Jerusalem, when you plan to go somewhere out of the Old City, we suggest you to wear long skirt or pants, and a shirt that covers your shoulders. In almost all synagogues the sections for men and women are separated. It is very important to prepare for our trip in advance in order not to feel awkward.

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