Wellness Tourism 2017

Wellness Tourism 2017

Wellness tourism means exciting trips to nature, achieving union with nature. It is also a great way of healing stress.

Wellness tourism is active travel perfectly combined with yoga lessons. On such a tour, you will learn to restore your energy balance and do breathing exercises, as well as get massages and relax in nature. It comes complete with delicious food prepared from natural, healthy products.

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The University of Berne offered a full definition of wellness tourism: health tourism is a “journey whose primary motivation is to preserve and promote health.” Health tourism differs from medical tourism by the motives of the travelers. Medical tourists usually travel to get treatment for a diagnosed disease. Wellness tourists visit resorts to get rid of fatigue and stress, to restore strength and health, to gain satisfaction with their lives. We need wellness tourism as an antidote to the consequences of our everyday lives.

Traveling has long been considered a welfare-enhancing activity. Regular trips relieve stress and make people happier. Scientists say that several short vacations produce more benefits than one long holiday.

Hiking and walking in new places provide many opportunities for physical activity. It has long been noted that older people who travel are more active and cheerful.

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Rest periods give us time to understand what we need in life and offer a chance to make some changes. It’s much easier to do this in some other place, not in your office – some place close to nature and away from home. This is an important part of self-development; it helps you to move forward.

Travel always changes a person, and wellness tourism is the best way to do this.

Usually, wellness tourism involves a trip to the sea or the mountains. Most of the health procedures and methods use natural resources: the sea, mountains, forest or desert climates, a cave micro-climate, mineral and thermal waters, therapeutic mud and gases, sea water and sea products. Climate recovery uses environmental aspects such as clean air, temperature, humidity, and sunlight.

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The beauty of nature itself has a positive impact on health. It’s notable that many resorts are located in lovely places on seashores or in the mountains.

Wellness tours can include various kinds of procedures: spa and thalassotherapy, yoga and Ayurveda, Thai massage and acupuncture, solitude and meditation, fitness and diet, outdoor walks (Nordic walking, cycling or skiing). It’s curious that health tourism encourages a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, wellness tourists, as a rule, are also adherents of a healthy lifestyle, but their trips are just the result of it.

Wellness tourism can make a positive contribution to your health, make you more efficient and productive; it also can relieve stress and depression, and improve your whole life.

Wellness tourism is an excellent opportunity for self-improvement and physical rejuvenation, for gaining harmony of body and soul. Obviously, wellness tours have a great future; people are striving for a healthy lifestyle and prefer to spend more active vacations in nature.