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Mitzpe Ramon: One of the World’s Best Places to Stargaze

There’s no better place than the Ramon Crater to experience the most memorable stargazing. This breathtaking, long-exposure, night sky photo gives but a glimpse of the enchanting nighttime views in the Negev desert! The open and deserted location of Israel’s Ramon Nature Reserve is a perfect spot for asterism observation. Also, everything is ideal here for star gazing: from … Continue reading Mitzpe Ramon: One of the World’s Best Places to Stargaze

Welcome to Haifa City

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel and one of the most beautiful cities in the eastern Mediterranean. It is also a multilingual city where Jews, Christians, and Muslims get along well with each other. The city is located on the slopes of Carmel Mount. It is here you can admire the world-famous Bahai … Continue reading Welcome to Haifa City

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Israel Winter Events 2017-2018

The end of 2017 promises to be exciting! Here are the most interesting Israel events in December and January. Rock Opera – Juno and Avos, 19 December “Juno and Avos” is the most famous rock opera in the world. Two sailing ships “Yunona” and “Avos” arrive in California under the Russian flag. The captain of … Continue reading Israel Winter Events 2017-2018

Tel Aviv

Reasons to Visit Israel

HOLY LAND In the center of Jerusalem, in the Old City, there is a large number of various sights. It is the historical part of the city surrounded by a wall. This place literally breathes with history. Here are the exact holy sites of the world’s three main religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity. In … Continue reading Reasons to Visit Israel

Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

Corals and dolphins, mud baths and volleyball courts, thousands of tourists speaking different languages, even free chess and a library – such services and entertainment can be had on many beaches of Israel. Most of those beaches (more than 60%, along 200 km of coastline) are located on the Mediterranean. Forty percent of Israeli beaches … Continue reading Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

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Wellness Tourism 2017

Wellness tourism means exciting trips to nature, achieving union with nature. It is also a great way of healing stress. Wellness tourism is active travel perfectly combined with yoga lessons. On such a tour, you will learn to restore your energy balance and do breathing exercises, as well as get massages and relax in nature. … Continue reading Wellness Tourism 2017

Israel flags in a chain in white and blue showing the Star of David hanging proudly for Israel's Independence Day (Yom Haatzmaut) - vintage retro effect

Autumn in Israel:  The Best Events  

Autumn is the  best time to visit Israel. The unbearable heat is over, and Indian summer – which lasts from the middle of September to the end of October – is underway.  Along with plenty of gorgeous natural sights, there are lots of interesting events that take place in Israel in Autumn.   Here are some of  them:  Georgian Dance Show “Erisioni”   Performers of one of the most famous songs in the universe, the “Erisioni” ensemble, will come to Israel. Yes, “Erisioni” sang a song that was sent into space by NASA in 1977; a Voyager space probe now carries it to distant planets of our solar system and beyond as a sample of human musical abilities. ”The Treasure of Georgia” is a spectacular … Continue reading Autumn in Israel:  The Best Events