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Main Reasons Why We Love Israel

      It’s beautiful! Israel is an amazing country, and tourists love it for its wonderful views, fabulous sea coast, secluded beaches, white sparkling sand and unbelievable atmosphere!     Some of the most interesting markets in the world are located in Israel. You can buy souvenirs, well-made Israeli clothes, the best local food and snacks, and … Continue reading Main Reasons Why We Love Israel

The Best Israeli Markets

Famous for its wide range of food choices and fresh products, Israeli markets are must-visit places for every visitor to the country. From art and souvenirs to fresh fruits and vegetables, from beautiful antiques to baked goods – everything is accessible in Israeli markets. The markets are lively and busy, with crowds of visitors coming … Continue reading The Best Israeli Markets


Some years ago, the citizens and guests of Tel Aviv took notice of a new trendy delicacy, called a sabich. Nobody knew at the time that it would become so popular that almost every tourist who visited would want to try it.  So: what is a sabich? It is an Israeli sandwich that consists of … Continue reading Sabich

The top Israeli medical advances

Israel is one of the strongest countries in terms of medical innovation. The country is famous for treating cardiac issues and sleep disorders, developing medicine, and its high level of surgery. Israel ranks first in the world for medical device patents per capita, and second in Europe for bio-pharma. More than 1,000 Israeli companies are … Continue reading The top Israeli medical advances