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Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

Corals and dolphins, mud baths and volleyball courts, thousands of tourists speaking different languages, even free chess and a library – such services and entertainment can be had on many beaches of Israel. Most of those beaches (more than 60%, along 200 km of coastline) are located on the Mediterranean.

Forty percent of Israeli beaches are located on the Red Sea and also on the shores of the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

Experts say that the beaches in Israel aren’t similar to each other: youth prefer the lively and vigorous coastal recreation areas of Tel Aviv; beaches of the Dead Sea are favorite destinations of married couples, and fans of quiet rest and relaxation – the north coast in Western Galilee.

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Tel Aviv Beach

Actually, the Tel Aviv area consists of several smaller beaches; each one has its own ambiance and inimitable style – in addition to different activities for visitors.
So if you are planning a family holiday, try Jerusalem Beach or the more northern Tzuk (Cliff) Beach; if you like beautiful views, we suggest that you come to Gordon or Metzitzim. However, all Tel Aviv beaches are crowded on weekends, so better plan your beach recreation for weekdays.

Panorama of the Mediterranean waterfront of Tel Aviv - Israel - Aufgang Travel

Dor HaBonim Beach

One of the favorite places to visit among travelers and Israelis, Dor HaBonim beach is located in the northern part of Israel. Being part of the Mediterranean coastline, it is one of the favorite tourist beaches in the country.
Dor HaBonim is a beautiful area with a bunch of sandy beaches located in a secluded lagoon. It is perfect for all who are searching for wonderful recreation with no crowded areas and very calm ambiance.

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Beit Yannai Beach

Beit Yannai beach is one of Israel’s best beaches. It’s an amazing place for those who like surfing, boating and water sports in general.
This beach is very nice with a quiet ambiance and crystal clear water. This beach is kept perfectly clean – another reason to come here when you are in Israel.

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En Gev Beach

If you visit Israel you should definitely come to Ein Gev beach, located on the eastern part of the Sea of Galilee.
The Sea of Galilee is different from the rest of Israel. Here the water is not so salty as in the other parts of the country. This is a perfect romantic spot for those who want to be by the sea at sunset to enjoy the wonderful romantic atmosphere of Israeli evenings.
A line of good restaurants, cafes and BBQs stretches along the coast.