multi-generational family trip



What could be more exciting than to combine a trip focusing on the people of Israel with its

  • Biblical history and its affiliations with Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Sports activities ranging from easy to extreme
  • Discovering other Cultures – For Israel is a melting pot of cultures including
    **Druze located in the villages of the Galilee around Mt. Carmel
    **Bedouin located in the southern Negev desert between the outskirts of Beersheba and the small cities of Dimona and Arad
    ​​**Karaites near Ramla
    **Circassian near the villages of the Galilee
    **Baha’i on Mount Carmel…

Bar Mitzvah boy with parents reading Torah



Planning your child’s Bar or Bat mitzvah is one of the most important times in the life of a Jewish child and their immediate families.  Many families from all around the world have chosen to celebrate this exciting event in Israel because it is home to so many holy sites and its connection to Judaism. But this isn’t the only reason – the entire country is steeped in history.

For sure, this is not a simple event to plan.  There are innumerable details to be considered no matter where you celebrate.  The difference is, by having your simchah in Israel you can involve the members of your family plus your friends in this…

Entry requirements to Israel

The end of COVID tests to enter Israel

It’s finally happening, the day we have been all waiting for:

As of Friday, May 20, at midnight (on the night between Friday and Saturday, May 21), the following guidance will take effect:

  • It will not be required to present a negative result on a COVID test before boarding a flight to Israel or a cruise to Israel or before arriving at an Israeli land border crossing.
  • The PCR testing mandate for those entering Israel at airports and maritime and land border crossings will be lifted.
  • It will not be required to isolate for 24 hours after entering Israel.


  • The mask mandate during international flights – will remain in effect.
  • The requirement to…

The David Kempinski Officially Opens Today on Tel Aviv’s Beachfront 

The renowned Kempinski Hotels brand brings 125 years of five-star European hospitality to Tel Aviv.

Housed in a 34-story skyscraper designed by Feigin Architects, the 250-room-and-suite property opens to guests today, on the heels of the recent announcement of Israel’s borders opening to international tourism. With the Kempinski brand’s devotion to five-star service and accommodation, The David Kempinski Tel Aviv will undoubtedly become the standard-bearer for the city’s luxury hotel offerings. Among the property’s highlights are 56 suites of unprecedented grandeur, with magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea and floor-to-ceiling windows that allow guests to soak in the natural light of the region. It includes the property’s triplex-penthouse suite, the largest of its kind in Tel Aviv and spanning more…

Israel Entry Requirements as of March 1, 2022

Starting March 1, 2022, tourists of all ages are allowed into Israel regardless of their vaccination status.

Incoming tourists must present a negative PCR test – conducted within 72 hours of the scheduled time of departure. The test result must be in English and include the traveler’s passport details.

All passengers must take a PCR test upon arrival in Israel. This includes vaccinated and recovered persons. Pre-registration is required on the sampling company’s website “Femi” located at Ben Gurion International Airport.

Exempted from a pre-departure COVID are recovered travelers that will present airline officials with a positive result of a PCR test or a rapid (antigen) test that was taken at an authorized site less than three months prior to boarding…

Special Travelling Notes on Israel


Men and women are not allowed to pray together. Men should approach on the left, women on the right.

A major part of worshipping in the Jewish faith includes ritual cleansing. Around the plaza, you will see fountains for hand washing before heading to pray.

For women, knees, chest and shoulders must be covered.  If you forget to bring a covering, guards will provide you with a piece of fabric for that purpose. Men should wear trousers and shoulders should be covered.  Men must also cover their heads with a simple hat without decoration or a cap. Should you not have a hat with you, communal paper kippahs are available.

Top Reasons to Travel to Israel with Kids

Planning a holiday is not as easy as it seems. And if you are thinking of traveling with your kids, you should be prepared for even more complicated choices. Traveling with children means you should not only find the right rooms in the hotel (which can be tough, especially during the busy season), but also deal with a lot of other issues: finding a direct flight (so you don’t have to run through the airport to change planes with your children), looking for kid-friendly hotels and activities for your kids at your destination.

Here are some reasons why Israel is a great place to travel with children:

Captivating attractions

Top Reasons to Travel to Israel...
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Why Tel Aviv is a Great Place for Vegans

Cosmopolitan, multinational and very hospitable – Tel Aviv is a wonderful place to visit. It welcomes different tourists from all over the world. The travel industry is highly developed in Israel, so every traveler can find here what he or she is searching for.
If you are vegan, you probably know how hard it can be to find good vegetarian food while visiting some destinations. But Tel Aviv is a perfect place for vegans, as it has multiple choices for those who can’t live without vegan food.

Why Tel Aviv is a Great Place for Vegans

Some of the best vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv:

Tel Aviv is one of the most exciting cities for…

Galilee – A Wonderful Place to Visit in Israel

Galilee is one of the most beautiful regions of Israel.

It is a mountainous area in the country’s north which is separated into two main parts – Upper and Lower Galilee.
It is characterized by beautiful natural sites, majestic historic and cultural attractions, well developed agriculture, and ancient villages.

Geographically, Galilee is washed by the Mediterranean Sea from the west, and is bordered by the Jezreel Valley on the south and the Jordan Valley to the east.

Aerial view of Capernaum, Town of Jesus, Galilee, Israel

An ideal place for nature lovers and hikers, Galilee has amazing views, numerous bright verdant valleys and hills, beautiful wide landscapes, historic sites and quaint small towns with that very special…

Dead Sea – A world Treasure that is Gradually Disappearing

The Dead Sea is a salty lake located at the lowest point on Earth. Nowadays ecologists estimate that the Sea’s environment is, frankly speaking, not positive.

In fact, the Dead Sea is gradually disappearing under the scorching Middle Eastern sun, and the crisis situation threatens the entire eco-system of the area: it is incredibly difficult to find additional water supplies to maintain the Sea.

Dead Sea

Perhaps the one thing everyone knows about the Dead Sea is that it is practically impossible to drown in it.

The water is eight or nine times saltier than the world’s oceans. It is so dense and saturated with minerals that…