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Some years ago, the citizens and guests of Tel Aviv took notice of a new trendy delicacy, called a sabich. Nobody knew at the time that it would become so popular that almost every tourist who visited would want to try it.  So: what is a sabich? It is an Israeli sandwich that consists of … Continue reading Sabich

The top Israeli medical advances

Israel is one of the strongest countries in terms of medical innovation. The country is famous for treating cardiac issues and sleep disorders, developing medicine, and its high level of surgery. Israel ranks first in the world for medical device patents per capita, and second in Europe for bio-pharma. More than 1,000 Israeli companies are … Continue reading The top Israeli medical advances


Story and tradition of Pesach (Passover) The story goes back to 1300 BC when the Jews were slaves in Egypt. One day Moses saw an astounding burning bush. Then, God spoke to Moses and told him, “Go down to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to let my people go!” Moses and his brother Aaron went to … Continue reading PESACH IN TEL AVIV 2017

Useful Hebrew for Travelers

  Whether you are a first-time visitor or have already been in Israel, learning the local language can be useful. Communicating in a new country requires some knowledge of language and oral expressions, as well as cultural rules. Remember to consider these factors before visiting a foreign country. Some people might tell you that Hebrew … Continue reading Useful Hebrew for Travelers

Unique Works of Art

These are people who have overcome their physical limitations and found proper expression of their talents in the sphere of art. They overcame all difficulties in not being able to make art the way normal people do; moreover, they have demonstrated their strength and willingness to create exceptional works of art. Over the past 50 … Continue reading Unique Works of Art

Israel’s Old Clock Towers

Clock towers were an essential part of any city in times when there were no wristwatches or cellphones. They helped citizens keep track of time. A big bell in the tower (like Big Ben in London) chimed the hour, and a large clock face gave a visual aid. Nowadays, people certainly don’t need clock towers … Continue reading Israel’s Old Clock Towers